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Souvenir de Stephanie : La Coupe Grey était juste là !


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On December 1st 2010, I attended the Grey Cup parade with a friend, having both ditched work because priorities!

After the parade we stayed downtown and walked around a bit. We eventually decided to go to Hurley’s Irish Pub, to watch the Habs game. We get in and head to the room at the back that is my usual spot. We get to the archway and, lo and behold, the GREY CUP is RIGHT THERE! Standing in the middle of the place, on one of the tables. I freeze and look around... half the team is sitting there, drinking beers! I ask the server what’s going on, is the room reserved or can we sit there too? She says that the team is going to the Bell Centre later on and they decided to stop here first.

I just couldn’t believe my luck! We were too intimidated to sit in that room, but we stayed close and I got a picture with the Cup and one with Anthony Calvillo (that one is framed, on my wall, and will stay there forever!). BEST. DAY. EVER!

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