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Souvenir de Peter : mon premier match des Alouettes avec mon père


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

I remember going to my first Alouettes game with my father in September 1966 at McGill stadium. I was 9 (almost 10) years old.

My Mom dropped me off at the Roxboro train station on a Friday afternoon and my Dad met me at Central Station. He took me to supper and then we walked up to the stadium. It was a beautiful late summer evening, the Alouettes were playing the Eskimos, and as we walked into the stadium I was amazed at the bright colour of the field and the players uniforms. Football on tv was in black and white in those days and I couldn't get over how green the field was with the lights on. The Alouettes didn't win that night but no matter, I had seen my favourite team in person and firmly entrenched a lifelong love affair with the Alouettes that continues to this day.

I remember how excited my Dad was when the Alouettes beat Calgary in the 1970 Grey Cup. He had suffered through the Grey Cup disappointments in the 50's and as the 1970 game wound down he stood up, pointed at the tv and said "you're looking at the Grey Cup champions". 2 more Grey Cups in the 70's and Sonny Wade came off the bench in 1975 and handed the team another cup on a silver platter. I hope Sonny Wade makes it into the CFL Hall of Fame. As the old CFCF radio jingle went, "Alouettes go, we're with you."

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