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Souvenir de Kenneth : les Baltimore Stallions à Montréal


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

I am one of the many Baltimore Stallions fans who still love the CFL. When the Stallions moved to Montreal I followed them as my team.

One summer when I was up for a game I stopped in the Alouettes' offices to speak to someone about renting one of the party tents at Percival Molson Stadium for a Baltimore CFL fan reunion later in the Fall. While talking to Mark Weightman he excused himself, left the room, and came back with Larry Smith, who at the time was President of the Alouettes (as well as the Commissioner of the CFL when the American teams were introduced). We talked for almost an hour about all things CFL. He was so gracious with his time and so appreciative of the Baltimore fans still following the league and the Alouettes.

When at the game I walked up to the CJAD radio broadcast booth and Tony Proudfoot called to me by name... Apparently someone in the Alouettes' office called the station to alert them. I spent about 15 minutes before the game talking to him about the proper use of a staple gun and Coach Marv Levy.

I have been to 13 Grey Cups and had many wonderful experiences there, but it was in Montreal that my love for the CFL was nurtured after my team was taken away from me.

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