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Souvenir de George : Suivre les matchs à la radio


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

As kids growing up in the south shore of Montreal money was tight. We never had the opportunity to go and root for the Alouettes at Autostade or the early years of Big O.

Back then CFL football was shared on the Radio-Canada/CBC & CTV { All TV Carriers would televise the Grey Cup live } (Hope Commissioner Ambrosie is reading this) with local backout rules. Big O had to be sold out so that the game could be televised locally. Hard to sellout a 70,000 seat stadium, but, it did come close.

That magical year started with Sonny Wade getting hurt and the legendary Marv Levy giving the team over to a Texas Tech rooky quarterback by the name of Joe Barnes. The ALs won the first 7 games of the season. Football was the sport in Montreal that Sunday. Everyone was headed to the Big O for possible 8th winning game in a row, a record at the time. Over 69,000 {A Canadian professional sporting record that still stands today} packed the Big O for a tilt between the Alouettes and the Argos.

My brother and I were listening to the game on the radio. I can still close my eyes and hear the legendary voice of Rhéaume "Rocky" Brisebois calling the game, zinging his one liners. Jim Corrigall broke Joe's leg on a questionable hit, as per "Rocky's" words. Alouettes lost the game to stop the streak, but, that amazing Defense of Junior Ah You, Glen Weir, Wally Buono (Yes, the Wally Buono), Carl Crennel (Yes, Romeo Crennel's brother), Chuck Zapiec, Tony Proudfoot, Dickie Harris, & Randy Rhino (Can you ask for a better football name), got the last laugh by winning the Grey Cup at home.

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