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Souvenir de Barry : Une vraie ville de football !


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

I have been following the Als since the 50s... Etcheverry, Patterson, Trawick and Tex Coulter. My 1st game was at Molson Percival Stadium, from there the Autostade, the big O and back to Molson Stadium.

My son and I travel to Montreal every year to take in matches. Molson Stadium is a terrific venue to enjoy the true Montreal atmosphere. I have witnessed some of the finest players Etcheverry, Wade and Calvillo to name a few. My son and I have acquired several jerseys over the years. I have one saying back to the 70s. Many fans comment on it. We never miss playoffs at the big O. We invite friends to join us to share the terrific atmosphere at Molson Stadium. George Dixon and Don Clark, who can forget this dynamic duo? I know we had Pringle and his contribution. Will never forget the 1st game ever played at the big O. The energy and excitement from the fans will always get the juices flowing.

There are too many memories to write about. Montreal is a true football town and I will continue to support the team and management in its efforts to return the magic of a winning team. Best of luck!

des fans