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Souvenir d'Andrew : Les Als ont toujours fait partie de ma vie


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

The Als have always been in my DNA. My father had season's tickets in the 50s and cried along among his friends when they lost in 1954.

I played sandlot football and idolized George Dixon. I played sports with Sam Etcheverry's sons. When I started playing in the annual Garbage Bowl in Montreal West, I got to meet my heroes, who coached the teams.

In 1970, i took the train to Toronto and was at the Grey Cup game. Afterwards, I was invited up to the coach's suite by Sam's sons and touched the cup and met the players, I clusinf Terry Evanshen and Peter Dalla Riva, who agreed to coach in the Garbage Bowl.

Years later, i was working at CBC and had the sad task of reporting on the demise of the team and interviewing Sam Berger and George Dixon. When the team came back with a vengeance at McGill, I could not have been happier.

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