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Souvenir d'Andrea : Une vue plongeante sur le stade


Ce souvenir a été partagé par un fan.

I had a bird's eye view of the Alouettes in 2013, during my 9 month stay at the Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute, after undergoing a very difficult spinal surgery that left me a paraplegic.

My room at the Neuro overlooked Molson Stadium. I requested that my bed was turned each Game Day to face the window, so I could catch some of the fast paced action. Although they could not hear or see me, I was faithfully cheering for my beloved Als!

My husband and I are now proud season ticket holders, and are so happy to be part of the cheering crowd. Stefan Logan #0 is my favorite player and is an absolute thrill to watch! Faites du bruit...


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