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Game. Now and Always.


Why wait until the end of the season to enter a new era? We’re ready and we’ve laid a strong foundation. A group of young athletes, a vibrant organization and a brand that is connected to its city; that’s who the Alouettes are. If Montreal is gastronomy, we are too. If Montreal is culture, we are too. If Montreal is music, we are too. We will always be game to go wherever our metropolis takes us. Toujours game.

Turning over a new leaf doesn’t mean forgetting your past. To know where you’re headed, you have to know where you’re coming from. Share your best Alouettes memory with us for a chance to win a bunch of great prizes before the official MontréAls era launch on February 3, 2019. Don’t forget to also give some love 👍 to other fan stories!